The Chronicles of Azerbaijan History

Architectural megastructures create a worldwide footprint for a nation. The major language is Azerbaijani, a language associated with Turkish. Ankara’s control of the largest Armenian archaeological site any place in the planet hasn’t been comfortable either for Turkey or Armenia. … read more

One of Russia’s Finest Cities, Sochi

Sochi, the treasure of the Black Sea eastern coast with the special sub-tropical environment, fine health spas, mineral baths as well as insane asylums – an exceptionally preferred vacation hotel. It matured as a health and wellness centre in the … read more

Top New Traveling Cities

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Famous Places in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan may be one or more of the leading holidaymaker locations in 1980 however as a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh Battle in 1990s, the tourist was substantially influenced. It is just in 2000 the truth that business began to recuperate. … read more